Women describe being followed and watched in several Greenwood stores

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GREENWOOD, Ind. – Johnson County authorities are urging residents to call police if they feel they are being watched or followed by suspicious individuals.

Since last summer, multiple women have posted on Facebook and NextDoor about strange men watching them in Greenwood stores like Walmart, Super Target, Meijer and Aldi.

In the most recent post on Sunday, a woman posted a photo of a man she says kept pace with her in the aisles of Aldi on SR 135. She says the man appeared to be watching her young children, and he quickly turned away when she pulled out her phone to take a picture of him.

In June, Amanda Bandy says she was followed by a man while she was walking into the Walmart store on SR 135. She says she became afraid when she could hear the man describing her appearance to somebody on his phone.

“Started describing my headband, my hair, my guessed weight,” Bandy said. “Everything I was wearing down to the shoes, my handbag.”

Bandy says she reported the man to store security and they called Greenwood police. Officers arrived and questioned the man, but there was no actual crime for them to arrest him on.

“I can remember just fear,” Bandy said. “Am I going to get grabbed, is some van going to pull up and grab me?”

Several other social media posts describe women feeling like they are being closely watched by suspicious individuals in stores.

Johnson County Deputy Prosecutor Alex Hamner says it’s important for residents to report suspicious activity to police.

“When citizens feel uncomfortable, they feel that something is afoot that just quite frankly doesn’t feel right, they absolutely should call the police and let them do their jobs and investigate it,” Hamner said.

Even if responding officers are unable to make an arrest, Hamner says it’s important for police to have a record of the incident. He says a police report filed now could potentially prove useful to any future investigations.

“It’s not uncommon to have cases develop from one tip from one citizen and a report from another that points us in the direction of a particular suspect or to prevent illicit activity,” Hamner said.

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