Lawmakers to discuss bill that calls for BSU takeover of Muncie schools

MUNCIE, Ind. — Lawmakers are discussing bill that would give Ball State University control over Muncie Community Schools.  They'll meet during a conference committee at the Indiana Statehouse on Monday at 11 a.m.

MCS is facing a multi-million dollar deficit. Just last year, lawmakers passed a bill designating MCS as a distressed school district. An emergency manager was put in place and has had full control of the school system.

House Bill 1315 includes an amendment that gives the Ball State University board of trustees the power to appoint a governing board for the school district. The current elected school board would become an advisory board.

On Saturday, parents and lawmakers gathered at Muncie City Hall to discuss the impact that decision could have on their city.
 Some say the change may be what Muncie needs to improve,
 while others worry this bill is moving too quickly and may lessen the community’s voice when it comes to school matters.

Ball State University posted a statement on its website about the legislation. It says, in part:

“Ball State supports this legislation because it presents an historic opportunity for our University and the community that we serve… We believe the success of this effort lies in collaboration with the entire community – the MCS teachers, students, and families, and every member of the community who wants to partner with us. Our goal is for MCS to thrive again, not just survive.”