Marion police search for robbers who ransacked woman’s home, stole jewelry

MARION, Ind. – The Marion Police Department is investigating a robbery at the home of an 85-year-old widow on West 9th Street.

"(I'm) angry, sure I'm angry," said John Lawson, the victim's son.

Police said robbers entered the woman’s home between March 8 and March 9. They ransacked the residence and stole jewelry.  The thieves took decades of memories.  Some of the jewelry included gifts from Mary's husband and mother, who have both passed away.

"It's priceless, but only to her.  It means so much to her," said Lawson.

The thieves gained entry by breaking through a side door.  The Lawson family believes the thieves knew an elderly woman lived in the home and that's the reason they picked her.

"She's never been frightened before until now.  Now she's afraid," said Lawson.

Of all the homes on the block, this great-grandmother's home may have actually been the one to avoid. Lawson is a former sheriff and the first Crime Stoppers coordinator for Grant County.  Finding the thieves who targeted his mother is now his top priority.

"They didn't understand the heart or the tenacity.  They're out there and they're going to jail," said Lawson.

Anyone with information about the case should call Crime Stoppers at 765-662-TIPS (8477).