Denied development project in north side neighborhood gets new life

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A controversial development in Nora, a neighborhood on the city’s north side, is getting new life months after it was denied.

Led by an effort from Councilor Colleen Fanning, the City-County Council approved a proposal that reopens the door for Keystone Realty Group’s “Alexander at the Crossing” development project. Fanning says she was prompted by the concerns of her constituents.

In October, Keystone Realty’s plan to rezone the 13-acre plot at 86th and Haverstick was denied by the Metropolitan Development Commission.  Prior to the decision, neighborhood groups such as the Nora Northside Community Council vehemently opposed the development, citing that it would contribute to an increase in traffic congestion and cut down on precious green space.

“We did not give adequate consideration to the potential negative consequences,” President Ruth Hayes said.

Hayes said all that changed after they learned Keystone would change its approach and instead proceed with an already approved and much larger development plan.

“We never thought that the developer would actually use that old zoning which would totally clear out all of that, the whole thing, we just didn’t think he would do that,” Hayes said.

Neighborhood groups and Keystone now have until April 9 to reach a compromise on the development plan. If they can agree on a plan, the proposal would head to the City-County Council for a vote. A two-thirds approval vote by the council would secure the new plan. Otherwise, the Metropolitan Development Commissions’ denial would stand.