No quit in this late season winter pattern; Warm-up derailed


It’s the seventh straight day below normal and the fifth of the past eight with a “trace” or more of snow. There’s no quit in this late winter pattern just yet. The streak could persist for another week. There may be just enough sunshine to crack the 50-degree mark Thursday but another wind shifting cold front will pass early Thursday and keep the chill alive entering the weekend.


March sunshine is partly to blame for the snow showers. While the chill is reinforced, the cold air is unstable and when heated by the higher sun angled March sunshine, the clouds build into these scattered snow showers. Minor accumulation is possible under the more robust bursts of snow and they will not be long-lived. Coverage on these snow showers will diminish after sunset Tuesday.

In just a matter of minutes, sun turned to snow where our FOX59 cam is set up at Daniel’s Vineyard.


What is driving the chilly pattern is the enormous buckles in the jet stream all across the northern hemisphere. The large buckles become blocks and allow storms to dig or deepen, much like the series of storms off the east coast. The blocking pattern allows the cold to spill into the eastern third of the nation and become locked in. (Hence the 7-day streak of colder than normal weather here).

What had looked like a promising warm up entering the St. Patty's Day weekend has been derailed. There will be a few more shots of reinforcing cold coming our way, according to the latest overnight computer runs. Stay tuned, we will monitor for a more significant pattern change in the near future.

With under a week until the start to spring, there is a chance of more wintry weather. Early Saturday morning, some light rain or mixture of freezing rain could occur and another system Tuesday could bring a sticking snow here on the first day of spring.