A number of key issues remain unresolved as lawmakers enter the final hours of session


INDIANAPOLIS — Several key issues remain unresolved as Indiana lawmakers head into the final hours of the legislative session. Lawmakers will conclude by 11:59 p.m. and are expected to debate and vote up to the Wednesday evening deadline.

Here’s a snapshot of what remains.


Republican lawmakers are working to find consensus on language that was revived in the final days. The measure would allow people to carry guns in places of worship on school property. The other provision would remove a four-year handgun license, essentially replacing it with a lifetime license and eliminate the fee for the lifetime permit. There is still some concern about the revenue that would be lost since it helps fund police training for incidents like school shootings.

CBD oil

Lawmakers still have to give final approval to a bill that would allow the sale and possession of CBD oil in Indiana.

DACA & professional licenses

Final approval is needed to allow DACA recipients in Indiana to receive professional work licenses for dozens of professions ranging from nursing to cosmetology. State officials recently started denying licenses, saying the change was in response to and the interpretation of a 2011 state immigration law that passed before the DACA program was created.

School safety funding

Late last week, Gov. Eric Holcomb asked lawmakers for an additional $5 million for school safety grants. Lawmakers have inserted the request into a current school safety bill but still need to vote on final approval.