Coldest in over 3 weeks; Wintry weather returns this weekend


Early morning Wednesday skies cleared enough to allow temperatures to fall into the teens across much of central Indiana.  The low of 19-degrees is the coldest in Indianapolis since February 12th (25 days).

The sunshine Wednesday feels good and it looks much more like spring but not so fast.  The temperatures are chilly and the wind is brisk.  Today is the 8th straight day below normal.


Clouds will briefly increase as a cold front slips into the state early Thursday but the chill will ease briefly Thursday afternoon.  Before the cooler air really takes hold we will creep up to nearly 50-degrees.  It may be a little breezy Thursday so grab a jacket.  St Patrick's Day celebrations here in Indianapolis get underway with the greening of the canal at 5 pm Thursday.


The chill will ease briefly Thursday but a passing cold front will reinforce the chill as the weekend gets underway.  A new storm system will approach starting Friday night with increased clouds and the threat of a wintry mix developing late Friday night.  At this distance there appears to be a rather good chance that freezing rain and or a combination of snow, sleet and freezing rain will develop in the overnight hours into early Saturday morning.  Location of ice and amounts are still to be determined but if you are planning on getting a jump on the St Patty's Day weekend it could become icy before sunrise Saturday.  Be sure to check back for updates.

At this time temperatures will move up into the 40s Saturday mid-morning and change to light rain.  A damp and cool St. Patrick's Day is expected at this time with no threat of wintry weather later Saturday evening or night.