Police searching for person who left dog in downtown Seymour dumpster

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SEYMOUR, Ind.-- Seymour police are searching for a person who left a small dog trapped inside a dumpster in the downtown area.

Seymour resident Donna Coffey says her dog, Dallas, ran away from her apartment last Wednesday and disappeared. After two days of searching, she found no signs of the dog.

“Heartbroken, I really was heartbroken because he’s my baby, you know,” Coffey said.

Then on Friday, Coffey’s sister pointed out a Seymour Police Department Facebook post about a little dog that had been found in a dumpster in the 100 block of East Tipton Street. The post said the dog was unhurt, but covered in sludge from the garbage in the dumpster. Photos in the post showed officers giving the dog a bath and caring for him.

Donna knew right away the dog was Dallas, so she called the police department.

Donna Coffey is now reunited with "Dallas," after the dog was found trapped in a dumpster.

“I told the police, 'You have my dog,'” Coffey said. “And then he said I need to come and talk to (him), and that’s when he told me he was found in the dumpster.”

Coffey is now reunited with Dallas, and is very grateful to the officers who took care of him.

“Oh, I sure appreciate that, they went above duty,” Coffey said.

At the same time, she says she’s angry that somebody would put her little friend in such a dangerous situation.

“How cruel could somebody be to do something like this to an innocent little baby, somebody’s pet,” Coffey said.

Seymour Police Animal Control Investigator Chuck Heiss shares Coffey's frustration.

“It’s illegal, it’s unethical and it’s immoral,” Heiss said. “To know that somebody has that type of disregard for an animal, a living creature.”

Heiss said an employee at a nearby restaurant heard Dallas barking inside the dumpster when he was taking out trash Thursday. He’s glad Dallas was found before the next scheduled garbage pickup.

“They pick it up mechanically, it’s dumped into the back of the truck, it’s compressed and it’s taken to the landfill,” Heiss said about the trash pickup process.

Heiss hopes footage from a surveillance camera on the back of the restaurant will help identify the person who put Dallas in the dumpster. That person is likely to face several charges.

“Obviously, animal abandonment animal neglect, animal abuse,” Heiss said. “Those are all very distinct possibilities.”

Anyone with information on the case should contact the police department at 812-522-1234.