Putnam County student arrested after allegedly making threat against high school

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BAINBRIDGE, Ind. – A student was arrested Wednesday after allegedly writing a threat against North Putnam High School on a bathroom wall.

Principal Jason A. Chew said in a letter to the community that the administration became aware of the threat at about 1:30 p.m. and it was immediately investigated by local authorities. The student was then identified and isolated, according to Chew.

Putnam County Sheriff Scott Stockton told FOX59 that one of his deputies obtained a confession from the student in the presence of a parent. The student was then arrested.

The sheriff says the incident is being forwarded to the county prosecutor and school officials are seeking administrative action against the student.

“This is not the environment for anyone to make inappropriate or threatening comments regarding public safety in our schools and it will not be tolerated,” said Sheriff Stockton.

“We are thankful for the cooperation of parents and students in this matter, we know it takes all members of our community to keep our school safe,” said Chew. “North Putnam Community Schools will not tolerate threats or intimidation, and will take action against those who interrupt the purpose of school.”

The student was not identified by authorities.