Officer shot pitbull after getting attacked while serving warrant, IMPD says

Picture from scene on Sloan Avenue

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department shot a pitbull two times while serving a warrant for a person wanted for trespassing.

The shooting happened Friday on Sloan Avenue near Minnesota just after 4 a.m.

Police were at a home serving a warrant on a person inside for a trespassing charge when police say a dog inside the home got past the homeowner and bit an officer twice – once on the arm and the leg.

When the pitbull attempted to bite the officer for a third time, he pulled out his service weapon and shot the dog.

The officer sustained non-life threatening injuries and will be taken to occupational therapy for evaluation.

It is unclear at this time what condition the dog is in or whether the homeowner will take it to receive treatment. The homeowner told FOX59, “IMPD shot my dog for no reason.”

The person sought for trespassing was taken into custody. IMPD would not clarify whether that was the person who answered the door.