Speedway Fire Department announces death of retired chief

John Otte

SPEEDWAY, Ind.– The Speedway Fire Department (SFD) announced the death of a retired fire chief Friday.

John Otte passed away Thursday from complications following a heart surgery.

He was initially hired by SFD in June 1973 and served as a lieutenant from Feb. 1, 1980 to March 30, 1984. He then served as a deputy chief from April 1, 1984 to Feb. 14, 1995.

He was the station’s fire chief from Feb. 15, 1995 to June 16, 2006, when he officially retired. Otte was a longtime resident of Speedway and an avid IndyCar and Indianapolis Motor Speedway fan, the department said.

SFD said he was a good man and served the town and department well.