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Beech Grove grandfather left bloody after trying to help homeless man

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BEECH GROVE, Ind.- A generous act turned into an attack after a grandfather tried to help a homeless man.

Last Wednesday, 58-year-old Ken says he saw a young man on Emerson Avenue and felt a special connection with him.

Ken says the stranger was holding a sign that read, "I have four kids and I need money for food. Please help and God bless."

Ken also has four kids and felt for the stranger. He waved the homeless man over to give him some spare change.  Clearly, he wanted more--Ken says when the stranger saw his wallet, he reached into the van and went after it.

“Oh, I was stunned. I couldn’t believe it,” he said.

Ken had just gone to the bank, so he had $400 to pay bills.  There was no way he was giving up his wallet.  Ken fought off the panhandler, who took off on a bicycle.  Ken ended up with a bloody hand.

“He’s got to live with his conscience. It’s got to catch up with him sometime. I got a feeling he’s going to do it to the wrong person and hurt them or they’re going to hurt him,” he said.

The attack happened right in front of Ken’s 1-year-old grandson, who was riding in the backseat of the minivan. Ken’s oldest daughter was the one who called 911 after it happened.

“So, it hurt my feelings more than anything to see someone do that to him because he’s such a giving person. It’s just disgusting,” said Hannah Mahurin, Ken's daughter.

The encounter hurt Ken's hand, but it didn’t destroy his generous heart.  This grandfather knows there are people out there who really do need the help so next time he’ll just be a bit more hesitant.

“Just be cautious, picky about who you chose and don’t roll your window down more than you have to, to put your hand out,” he said.

Ken said he drives by the same spot every day and has been keeping an eye out for that guy. If he happens to see him, he plans to call police so no one else ends up getting hurt.

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