Local governments look to new forms of addiction treatment

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WESTFIELD, Ind. – As the battle against opioid addiction continues, some local governments are taking a look at less traditional forms of treatment, to see whether that can help get people off drugs and save lives.

Tuesday night, inside the Lifepointe Church in Westfield, some local officials were hoping to learn more about a new way to treat opioid addiction.

“I’m hoping to learn what this center can provide for our people not just in our township but statewide,” said Westfield-Washington Township Trustee Danielle Carey Tolan. She said her office sees firsthand those addicted to drugs in the area.

“We have up to three to five people that come in a day asking for assistance,” said Carey Tolan, “and probably one out of those five are addicted to drugs.”

The product they were here to learn more about is NAD-infusion therapy, a 10-day IV treatment which doctors who administer it say infuses patients with a naturally-occurring compound that targets the area of the brain responsible for cravings.

“It certainly has a remarkable way of clearing a patient’s mind and freeing them of cravings,” said Dr. Timothy Pohlman, medical director of the Emerald Neuro-Recover Center, which offers the treatment. He said the approach is just one tool with which to fight addiction.

“It works for opioids, it works for benzodiazepines,” said Pohlman, “each treatment is tailored to the specific substance.”

The therapy costs about $15,000 and is not covered by insurance. But some local officials say they’re still open to hearing about it as a possible resource to help those addicted to drugs.

“It would open up a whole new avenue for us,” said Carey Tolan.

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