Central Indiana students spread words of kindness for International Day of Happiness

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FISHERS, Ind.– Students across the country and right here in central Indiana are celebrating the International Day of Happiness by spreading simple acts of kindness.

Throughout the week, students are sharing what makes them happy, by posting notes to happiness walls at their schools, declaring what they can do individually to make someone else happy.

“Happiness isn’t just something you have, it’s something you can give to other people and it’s something you have to express to show it,” said Nate Benson, a student at Hamilton Southeastern Intermediate School. “To other people, it’s different. Some people have certain forms of happiness, but mine, is making my friends laugh.”

Nate Benson points to his note on the happiness wall.

Nerium International launched Live Happy six years ago. The company is aimed at spreading happiness throughout the world.

“The concept is to build these walls and just get people focusing on doing one good thing for somebody else,” said Shellie Koetter, with Nerium International. “We all know that happiness is an inside job. So, when you do something good for someone else, it usually feels good internally.”

This year, Live Happy has kicked off a month-long #HappyActs Celebration, to provide an easy, accessible way for participants to spread happiness and make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of those around them.

As part of the UN-sanctioned International Day of Happiness, Live Happy is hosting 100 happiness walls across the country.

The happiness wall at Hamilton Southeastern Intermediate and Junior High was filled with over 1,200 colorful notes of kindness outside the school’s cafeteria.

“They inspire me as an adult,” said Koetter. “To say I am moved is an understatement. I’m truly inspired by these kids of all ages and I hope they see what kindness they are doing today and that this lives on in the school and in the community.”

Student, Zahra Baloch posted a note on the happiness wall that read, “world peace and music.”

Zahra Baloch shows off her happy acts note.

“I wrote world peace because there’s a lot of tensions going on in the world right now and it’d be great if everyone could just get along,” said Baloch. “And music just makes me happy because it’s just something that I really, really love to do.”

Hamilton Southeastern Intermediate/Junior High, Rosa Parks Elementary, Sunnyside Elementary, Emmanuel United Methodist Preschool, Thorpe Creek Elementary, Webb Elementary, Geist Elementary are some of the schools in central Indiana taking part in the #HappyActs Celebration.

"Everybody has a different form of happiness and it doesn’t matter what your form is," said Benson. "It's just that you need to show people what that form is and you express it and give it to the world."

Here's how you can get involved:

-Perform and share as many Happy Acts as possible during the month of March. Take a picture or video and use #HappyActs in your posts.

-Text 82257 with the word HappyActs to get a daily reminder in the month of March.

-Visit a Live Happy Happiness Wall in your area.

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