DPW crews continue to fill potholes ahead of spring snow expected to reopen asphalt craters

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works crews are out patching up potholes, trying to fill as many as they can before the snow comes this weekend.

“It is quite the workload when we have both to deal with, potholes and snow,” said DPW spokesperson Warren Stokes.

That workload is not getting lighter anytime soon for DPW crews.

“Right now, our guys are out on the streets re-patching and resurfacing before the snow hits this weekend,” said DPW spokesperson Warren Stokes.

“That is going to bring moisture into the pavement and it is going to contract and expand and it is going to cause those potholes,” said Stokes.

Stokes says the spring snow will likely cause dozens of the more than 50,000 potholes crews report they have fixed to reopen.

“We are expecting more potholes in the next week but we will be ready with the patching and strip patching,” said Stokes.

The cash to fix the roads is coming from the city’s emergency road repair fund. Earlier this month, the city approved $14.5 million to pay for repairs, contracts, equipment and overtime. DPW is working to find the exact amount of money they have used so far but even though the snow is ruining some of the repairs, Stokes says they have enough money to continue repairs and will not have to ask the city for more money.

“The snow budget and the pothole budget are not one in the same. They all come to our operations but with snow, we do not know how much we will use until they are here. Right now, we are doing well on salt and well on equipment,” said Stokes.

Crews will be back out Friday, weather permitting. Then they will plan for plowing and snow response throughout the afternoon.

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