Spring is returning but that means rain

It’s melting, slowly but surely. After receiving over a foot of snow in some areas our March sunshine sure had its work cut out for it today. Take a look at the visible satellite image from earlier today. You can see the swath of snow pack stretching from Iowa to Kentucky.

Areas with lower snow totals, like Westfield, melted the snow away quickly today. Other areas weren’t so fortunate. This is a time-lapse of our U of I camera. You can see it takes a while but eventually the sunshine starts to win and the snow begins to melt. It couldn’t take away all of it in one day though We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to finish the job in a lot of areas.

It was certainly an impressive amount of snow though. The highest report came out of Avon, bringing in a whopping 12.6″.

Saturday clocks in at being the 5th snowiest day ever for Indianapolis on record. On top of that, it brings this March up to the 6th snowiest March on record.

We transition into more Spring-like weather for the next several days. That doesn’t just mean warmer temperatures. It means rain too. We’ll build clouds in throughout the day tomorrow. We’ll stay mainly dry until Monday evening but a few light showers or sprinkles will be possible earlier.

Our best chances for rain will come after 8 PM.

We’ll be warmer tomorrow with highs near 50.

Unfortunately, we’re not in the clear from Winter just yet. I have to bring up the “s” word again. We stay mild and with chances for rain for the next several days. However, snow chances return at the end of the week. This is a ways out and things could change. So, for now, we will continue to monitor that system and bring you updates as we get closer.