Teen faces charges in potential self-defense killing

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- A witness account provided to FOX59 claims an Indianapolis teenager was stalked by an acquaintance inside a northwest side grocery store Saturday night before a parking lot confrontation led to the older man’s fatal shooting.

Cedric Cooper, 19, is being held on a preliminary charge of voluntary manslaughter after killing Steven Lamar Wills at the Meijer Store in the 5300 block of Pike Plaza Road.

The witness’ version revealed Cooper and a friend were shopping inside the store when they made eye contact with Wills, who was known to the teenager.

Once outside, Wills called Cooper over to his car, according to the account, and began punching the younger man, bloodying his nose and placing him in a headlock.

As Cooper fought free, he withdrew a gun, shot Wills twice, instructed his friend to call police, laid down his weapon and surrendered, according to the witness account.

Cooper has a minor criminal record consisting mostly of driving violations.

Wills pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in 2006 for his role in a Milwaukee cocaine distribution ring. He received a seven-year sentence plus four years of probation.

Following conclusion of his prison term, Wills successfully sought transfer to Indianapolis to serve his probation, which he admittedly violated leading to additional time.

Wills served that sentence at the Volunteers of America offender transitional housing center at 611 North Capitol Avenue, the site of four spice overdoses and a failed attempt by IMPD to conduct a follow up investigation last week.

On March 15, Marion County Sheriff's deputies arrested Wills on a theft warrant from last year after his alleged failure to return a rental car.

Cooper’s initial hearing has not been set and a probable cause affidavit confirming the criminal charges he will face, has not yet been filed.

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