Indy zookeepers hand-rear endangered gazelle whose mother wouldn’t care for her

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Zookeepers formed a special bond with a rare addra gazelle born at the Indianapolis Zoo last September.

When the endangered calf was born, the zoo’s staff noticed she wasn’t receiving any maternal care from her first-time mom, so they stepped in to hand-rear her to ensure she would thrive.

The zoo says keepers attended to the calf, named Carina, around the clock, bottle-feeding her several times a day and providing all the care she would have gotten from her mother.

Now, the zoo says the 5-month-old gazelle is healthy and growing fast. She’s even been reintroduced to the rest of the herd and has started to venture outside on warm days.

“Zookeepers will always share a special bond with this energetic and personable gazelle,” said the zoo.