Police reports show 10 Indianapolis homes hit by gunfire over 10-day stretch

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Homeowners across Indianapolis feel terrorized in their own homes. In the last two weeks, nearly a dozen homes in Indianapolis have been hit by gunfire.

One of those shootings killed a one-year-old girl.

A half dozen gunshots shattered the windows of one home near 46th and Arlington with two kids sleeping inside.

“I mean I could have lost two of my children,” said that victim. “I don’t want them sleeping in the bed anymore. I’m just scared.”

That woman, who asked not to be identified, says her home has been shot at and damaged twice in the last two days.

“I just don’t feel safe here,” said the victim. “These bullets are just flying everywhere and they don’t have eyes.”

Unfortunately, that woman isn't alone. Police reports document at least 10 cases of homes being shot in the last 10 days starting when a home on Maura Lane was riddled with bullets wounding a woman inside.

Three days later and just a few doors away, another bullet tore a hole in a bedroom in the same neighborhood.

“There were bullets coming from further down the road and they were getting closer and then bam there’s a bullet in my house,” said Jennifer Matadamas.

Bullets ripped through several walls in Jennifer’s home and while no one inside got hit, the shooting robbed Jennifer's sense of security.

“I’m afraid to be in my own house,” said Matadamas.

Just around the corner from Jennifer's home, again in the same neighborhood near 36th and Post, a one-year-old girl died after someone fired several shots into her home.

“It’s enough. I’m tired of it. People need to just stop,” said Matadamas.

“I don’t feel like that anyone is safe in their home now. Anyone can just come past your house and just shoot,” said another victim.

The woman in the home on Maura did have to be hospitalized and the one year old was killed, but fortunately no one else in the other reports suffered any injuries.