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Purdue grads create smartphone app to detect user’s intoxication level

INDIANAPOLIS-- An idea that started between a group of friends at Purdue will soon change the way you think to use your cell phone. The group is developing a smartphone app to detect when you've had too much to drink

The app will use your phone's rear-facing camera to measure your intoxication level.

Courtesy of Brightlamp

“You know how you walk into a bright room and your pupils restrict? Essentially that’s the response we are measuring and it’s how fast it is," said Kurtis Sluss, the CEO of Brightlamp.

The app, Tipsy, is a creation of Brightlamp- an Indiana tech start-up.

Using the rear-facing camera, the app will record five seconds of video with flash and will calculate intoxication levels.

"When you go and talk to these people, the number one thing they say is they just didn’t know whether or not they were okay to drive," said Michael Heims, the CFO of Brightlamp. "They are looking for some degree of accountability and essentially that is what we are trying to do with this application."

Kurtis Sluss and Michael Heims

Sluss is the mastermind behind this new technology. He's working on other health apps too- one that will even detect concussions.

“Let’s say you hit your head and you go to a doctor, what’s the first thing they check? They shine a light in your eye right? That’s one of the most underutilized bio-mechanical responses that our bodies have," said Sluss. "What it’s doing is measuring cognitive function, not just concussion."

The developers say the Tipsy app will be available for iOS in May and for Android shortly after.

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