YTF: Avon dad waits for heart transplant, uses hospital equipment to build model cars

UPDATE March 30, 2018 at 4am - Jeremy received a heart overnight and is currently in surgery. Check back for updates here and on Lindy Thackston's Twitter and Facebook pages!

Indianapolis, Ind. - His hands have turned something in pieces into something worth showcasing since he was 8 years old. That stopped on his birthday in 2012.

"I went to Golden Corral to eat my birthday dinner and I thought I just ate a lot of food, but I didn’t," said Jeremy Carr. "I sat there all night and couldn’t breathe and couldn’t breathe and finally I told my wife the next morning to take me to the hospital because something’s not right."

Jeremy went to the hospital and couldn't believe his ears. They told him he couldn't leave the hospital because his heart was working at 7% and they couldn't even believe he walked into the emergency room.

Eventually Jeremy was able to go home with a device that essentially took over the left side of his heart. He was home for a few years.

"Now the right side of my heart is giving out and they don’t make a machine for that, so I’m just counting the days."

The father of two children turned 38 last week. He celebrated in a room at Methodist Hospital, where he's been for six months.

The hard truth is that he needs someone to pass away so he can live.

"That was an issue for me for quite awhile. I didn’t deal with it very well because somebody else has got to lose their loved one so I can live. But I’ve come to terms now. I will do the best I can do to carry on their heart and treat it the best I can."

His girlfriend and teenage children visit often.

"When they come up here, it’s hard. It’s hard for me to watch them leave."

His name sits at the top of the Indiana Donor Network registry for his blood type.

"But the only bad thing is my size," said Jeremy. "They can’t seem to find one that’s big enough to work for my body."

And many days, scrolling through his news feed, he'll see a sad story and can't help but let his mind wander.

"They announced he’s an organ donor and when you hear stuff like that, the guy was my size, didn’t know his blood type, but he was my size, and it’s like, please let this be it so I can get this over with. But it wasn't."

"I have to keep my head up and smile at it, I guess."

And he's doing that by keeping his head down, once again.

"The models, that’s how I keep it together. That and my friends and family."

An auto mechanic career and years at race tracks inspired him to go bigger.

So he builds them, then he takes bed pans and chest tubes and whatever he can get his hands on, and tricks it out.

Word of his work is spreading. While he's waiting on a heart, people across the country are warming the one he has now.

"I just want to say thank you to all the people sending me stuff."

Because putting the models together helps Jeremy keep it together.

"You have never stressed like you would if you were waiting on a heart transplant."