Police respond to crime increase in Anderson neighborhood with additional patrols

ANDERSON, Ind. -- Burglaries and car thefts are on the rise in one Anderson community and police are responding by stepping up patrols.

Police said most of the recent crime has been contained to the west side, on streets like Nichol Avenue and Arrow Avenue. Neighbors have reported car break-ins and home burglaries. Police said some people have also reported storage thefts being broken into and various items stolen.

"It's ridiculous around here," one woman said.

She was attacked behind her home a few weeks ago and doesn't want to share her name out of fear. She said the suspects stole her purse, but continued to attack her when there was nothing in it.

"When you get violated, it's hard to come back off it," she said.

Police are stepping up patrols in the community and believe teens could be responsible for some of the crimes. Neighbors said the area has a high elderly population and believe the teens are taking advantage of older people.

Reverend Rey Wilkins of New Hope Methodist Church said crimes are even impacting church attendance.

"It's frustrating. It's scary. It affects attendance at events at church and in the neighborhood because people are afraid to be in the neighborhood late evening or nights," Wilkins said.

Other neighbors said the community needs to come together to find activities and programs to keep teens occupied and entertained, so they stay out of trouble.

The Anderson Police Department is hosting more than a dozen community crime watch meetings. The schedule for meetings is below.