Tipton police investigate several home burglaries

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TIPTON, Ind. – Tipton police are investigating several home burglaries. One woman says someone broke into her home recently and took off with thousands of dollars’ worth of her stuff.

“I definitely knew something was off,” said homeowner Alexandria.

Alexandria says she walked into her house in Tipton to find her bedroom door wide open and her stuff all over the floor.

“The backdoor was unlocked when I knew that I locked it,” said Alexandria.

The 22-year-old says someone searched through all of her things and found what they wanted and took off with around $3,000 worth of cash, clothes, shoes, and more. But, she says she hopes they also picked up some karma.

“I believe that what you put out in this world you get back so I’m not too worried about it,” said Alexandria.

Alexandria’s case is just one of several recent burglary cases Tipton police are investigating. Police say in all of the cases the criminals are after valuables like jewelry, cash, and electronics. Right now, the department is working tips and leads to find out if the burglaries are connected.

“I’m shocked. I did not think it would be anything like that…especially on my street,” said neighbor Anna Smith.

Although these cases are on the Tipton Police Department’s radar, most neighbors tell us they were not aware of the incidents.

“I guess I did not know. So, what you do not know…you cannot worry about too much,” said a neighbor.

Now, residents are taking more safety precautions to prevent their home from being next.

“I make sure that I lock the door and the garage. I always keep the spotlights on,” said Smith.

Investigators were able to track down some of the stolen items. If you are a victim of a recent burglary in the Tipton County area, call the Tipton Police Department.

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