Detective, officer stop Anderson bank robbery

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ANDERSON, Ind.-- An Anderson police detective with 19 years on the force and an officer with two years experience are calling each other heroes after stopping a bank robbery.

It happened Monday at the Lampco Federal Credit Union on East Hartman Rd., where there were five employees working inside.

"It happened so quick, but it was a very fearful moment, one of the scariest I've had in my 19 years career," Detective Norman Rayford Jr.

Rayford said he was working off duty security and sitting in his vehicle when he saw a vehicle pull up and two men get out, put their hoods up and go inside.

"And I looked inside the bank, and one of the employees was going back, holding her chest, and was crying and was very, very red in the face," Rayford said. "She looked in my eyes and I knew then that something bad was going on."

Rayford said he put on his tactical vest and went inside . He said he saw the suspects jump over the counter and go into another room.

"One in particular was trying to get out by busting through windows and again obviously I didn't know if they were armed or not. At one time he even called for some guys to come and assist him with getting out because the police was present," Rayford said.

Meanwhile, Officer Brandon Taylor was down the road and heard Rayford's call. He said he got to the bank, got his gun and went inside.

"As soon as he saw me he knew the game was over. I had my rifle, I ordered him to get down on the ground with his hands up, he did comply," Taylor said.

Rayford said he took custody of the other man.

Investigators said both men were from Fort Wayne. They didn't have any weapons on them but they did have a large amount of cash. Rayford said they also learned the vehicle they arrived in was stolen just the day before.

"The game’s over as far as our banks getting robbed," Rayford said.

He said this particular branch has been hit three times in the past 10 months.

Investigators said with the help of the FBI, they're looking into whether anyone else was involved in this case and whether the suspects are tied to any more cases.

Right now, though, Rayford and Taylor are giving thanks everyone made it out okay.

"I thank God for God, I thank God for training and I thank God for my fellow brothers, especially Officer Taylor," Rayford said.

"I see him more of a hero than anybody," Taylor said.

Rayford is receiving the Rotary Club's Officer of the Year award next week.

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