Bloomington police see spike in catalytic converter thefts

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Bloomington police investigators say they're seeing a spike in catalytic converter thefts.

Investigators said since March 27, there have been at least 11 thefts, which they believe are related on the south and west sides of town.

"In the morning, I went to go start my car and it was very loud," Erica Cunningham said.

Cunningham said she discovered the catalytic converter on her Honda Element was gone.

"I had actually had my muffler cut into before when they were trying to get the catalytic converter and didn't succeed," she said.

But this time the thief did.

"They typically use a reciprocating saw and climb up underneath the car and quickly cut the catalytic converter off and pull it out from underneath the car and drive off. So they're not at a location for very long and they usually do it in the middle of the night," Blooming Police Captain Steve Kellams said.

Investigators said the majority of cases involve Honda vehicles. They're working to find whoever is responsible for the crime.  In the meantime, they remind residents to keep an eye on their property and if they can, park off the street or in a garage.

But for those hit, it's costing them hundreds of dollars. Cunningham said her bill may be around $800.

"They only get so much money out of it and I have to pay upwards of three or four times that amount to get it replaced or fixed and that's extremely frustrating," Cunningham said.

If you have any information about the cases you're asked to call the Bloomington Police Department.

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