Tip from concerned Plainfield resident leads police to drugs, stolen items

PLAINFIELD, Ind.-- Two people are behind bars facing drug and theft charges after a Plainfield woman tipped off police to suspicious activity.

“It was all based off one alert citizen that wanted to say something,” said Plainfield Police Sgt. Mike Mason.

Ashley Baker (left) and Timothy Scott (right)

The woman was on a shopping trip when she noticed something and tipped off police. Detectives say she spotted this guy opening car doors and searching through vehicles in a Walmart parking lot on Thursday.

She woman did some detective work on her own and snapped a picture of the guy.

“I was in the right place at the right time and she found me and gave me all the information she had,” said Sgt. Mason. “Pictures of the van he was in and his license plate. She showed all the stuff to us and she followed him to the restaurant next door."

Plainfield police say that information from the tipster was key. The department and their trusty K-9 Jocko took over from there.

“Jocko alerted to narcotics in the van and we searched the van. We ended up finding a bunch of stolen property in the van and 1.4 grams of meth and matching bags to package it,” said Sgt. Mason.

Ashley Baker and Timothy Scott, both of Indianapolis, now face drug and theft charges.

“We arrested them took them to the jail all based off an alert citizen,” said Sgt. Mason.

Plainfield police say this is not the first time the "see something, say something" technique has helped crack one of their cases, but they want to make sure citizens stay safe.

“We are trying to reduce crime and keep crime out of Plainfield and this is a great way to do it,” said Cpt. Jill Lees. “However, there is a delicate balance of doing that because it could be a dangerous situation,” said Cpt. Lees.

Plainfield police use four K-9s, including Jocko, to help find drugs on the street. They still rely on the public’s help in reporting suspicious activity.