New Castle residents say turkey keeps creating traffic hazards

UPDATE (April 13, 2018)-- Officials say the turkey was hit and killed in a crash and passed away.


NEW CASTLE, Ind. -- There's a notorious new celebrity in New Castle and its daring behavior is ruffling feathers.

If you ask anyone in town if they know about the turkey. The answer is always, "Yes."

"It’s created some excitement here in New Castle," resident Allan Bramlett said.

Bramlett and others often see the turkey strolling around State Road 3. The wild bird has become the talk of the town.

It doesn't have a name and he's not necessarily known for its bright-colored feathers or friendly disposition. He's often seen at Clancy's Car Wash.

"It visits. It comes over and visits," said car wash owner George Grigson.

The turkey is known for his fearless attempts to cross the road.

"When it goes across the road, that’s when I think, it’s kind of scary, I would hate to see it get hit," Grigson said.

New Castle Police have even been called to help the traffic dodging bird find its way back home. Indiana Department of Natural Resource officials said they are aware of the turkey and are monitoring the situation. They said right now, there's not much that can be done and you shouldn't bother the turkey. Residents are just hoping their new feathered friend stays safe.

"It’s comical, but no one wants the turkey hurt. There’s no doubt about that," said Bramlett.

It is turkey mating season. According to DNR stats, there was a 51 percent increase in population in turkeys in 2017. Click here for more information.