Indy Unsolved: 9 families of teens murdered in 2017 still waiting for justice

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Nine Indianapolis families are still waiting for justice after their teenage loved ones were murdered last year.

More than 14 months ago, outside a Popeyes on 16th Street, 14-year-old Anthony Hughes Jr. was gunned down. No one has ever been arrested for the shooting.

“It’s like we’re at a standstill on this case,” said the victim’s mother Shaherah Smith-Hughes. “It makes me feel depressed, sad and angry. I’m very angry.”

That frustration is shared by several Indianapolis families.

In addition to Hughes’ murder, 17-year-old Montel Ligon was killed on East 10th Street in February.

Someone shot 15-year-old Sema J. Jordan in April near Crown Hill.

Angel Mejia-Alfaro, 17, and Dijon Anderson, 18, were shot to death in May on West 38th Street.

Abdul Cross, 15, was killed on July 4 on Beachway Drive.

Geordyn Owens, 18, died in September on N. Vineyard Avenue.

Matthew McGee, 13, was also killed in September outside a Castleton restaurant on East 82nd Street.

Kevin Rainey, 15, was murdered in October on Tiffany Drive.

In all, 2017 saw 22 homicides in Indianapolis involving victims 18 and under. Those nine cases are the ones that remain unsolved.

So far, 2018 has seen only one criminal homicide of a victim under the age of 18. One-year-old Malaysia Robson was shot and killed inside her home. IMPD investigators announced two men have been arrested for that case.

“You know it’s sad all these kids are getting killed,” said Smith-Hughes. “These are kids and their parents need justice.”

This week marked one year since Sema J. Jordan was shot to death. On Tuesday, his family gathered at a vigil and tearfully pleaded for help finding the killer.

“We would feel so much better if we knew who did it and why,” said Jordan’s cousin, Donesha Jackson.

“It would mean the world to me to get my son’s killer caught. It won’t bring him back, but it would mean the world to me,” said Smith-Hughes.

Anyone with information on any of the unsolved homicides is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.