Nice jump in temperatures but winter may not be done yet

Expect a cold, crisp start this morning under clear skies and nice, dry roads. Still need that heavier coat out-the-door to get your day underway! With that said, the combination of decent sunshine and a breezy southwest flow this afternoon should help to drive our temperatures back into 60s (a 30° jump!), where seasonal temperatures should be for the 11th day of April (62°).

This breezy, southwest flow will continue into the weekend, which will drive our temperatures upward. So after several days running 20° below average, we will now be running 15° ABOVE average!

Rain and storms still are a threat for our area this weekend, but the timing and severity remain in question. What we do know is that the primary threat with this event would likely be stronger wind gusts, heavier pockets of rain and falling temperatures on Sunday. Look for more details in the days ahead!