Meth lab found in dumpster near Ball State campus

MUNCIE, Ind. – A meth lab was found in a dumpster near Ball State University student housing and now investigators are trying to figure out who put it there.

It was found on Wednesday in a dumpster in the area of North Reserve and West North streets. Inside a bag in the dumpster, investigators said were remnants of a meth lab.

"It’s dangerous. We don’t want people to mess with these," said Indiana State Police Trooper John Perrine.

Perrine said warmer temperatures mean the chance for more people to find meth trash.

Last April, FOX59 rode along with ISP meth suppression teams when they found a discarded meth lab in a cornfield. Hazmat suits were used to safely disable and dispose of the trash.

Although investigators said they're seeing a significant spike in crystal meth cases rather than old school meth lab cases, there's still the chance of finding more meth making materials in spring and summer months.

"This trash gets dumped year round by these meth cookers and users, but now that people are getting outside and they’re going mushroom hunting, they’re going out in the woods for different things, they’re going to start finding this trash," Perrine said.

If you see a bag that looks suspicious, you should call 911.

Meth making materials that could be part of a discarded lab include:

  • Lithium batteries
  • Empty 2 liter
  • Rubber hose
  • Coffee filters
  • Chemicals, like liquid Drano