Wayne Township authorities respond to case of ‘dusting’

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – On Thursday, the Wayne Township Fire Dept. responded to an unresponsive person call and found a case of “dusting.”

It is causing concern for emergency responders, who have seen this in the central Indiana community before.

Doctors say they have seen cases of people huffing and dusting, producing a variety of health problems.

“(We don’t know)  the effect they may have on their brain, but we have seen people with seizures, people unconscious, and sometimes combative, sometimes with respiratory difficulties,” Dr. Dan O’Donnell said.

Dr. O’Donnell is an emergency room physician at Eskenazi Hospital and says you can die after your first time huffing.

“Someone who has underlying lung disease, and they huff for the first time, and have an asthma attack or something like that, or they just don’t know how it will affect their bodies. ” Dr. O’Donnell said.

Wayne Township authorities seized 9 bottles of air duster during the incident.