Tree parachuting accident left teen paralyzed, six weeks later he walks out of hospital

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- A 14-year-old is miraculously walking again, after a tree parachuting accident last fall left him paralyzed.

Back in October, Alex Kingsbury was tree parachuting in the woods near Columbus.

“You climb up a big tree and you get to the top and then you swing your legs over and it drops you to the ground, the tree bends," said Kingsbury.

Twenty feet in the air, the tree snapped and sent Alex to the ground.

Courtesy of Kingsbury family

Alex was airlifted to Riley Hospital for Children with an unstable spine fracture. His injury was so severe, he was told he only had about a 10 percent chance he'd ever be able to walk again.

Courtesy of IU Health

After a four-hour spinal fusion surgery, a week in intensive care and five weeks on a rehab unit, Alex walked out of the hospital.

Watch Alex walk (courtesy of IU Health):

“It's surprising and just so satisfying to see a child come in who cannot walk, cannot move anything below their neck and has very limited sensation with a bad, unstable cervical fracture, to see them make such an incredible improvement," said Dr. Jeffrey Raskin, Alex's pediatric neurosurgeon with Riley.

Alex's mother, Mindy Kingsbury, says she couldn't be more proud of her son's strength, perseverance and positivity.

Alex and his mother, Mindy

“I don’t take it for granted when he’s making himself a sandwich or when I see him walk out the door to school," said Kingsbury.  "I’m so grateful, I know that he’s got big things ahead of him. He’s really strong, he’s determined, he’s a one-focus, and his focus is healing and getting back to sports and I couldn’t want anything more for him.”

After a horrific bend in the road, Alex has a bright future ahead- one step at a time.

“I just focus on one thing and then I focus on the next thing which is getting stronger so I can play football," Kingsbury said. "That’s basically what I’m focused on right now.”

Alex now walks, even runs, without assistance and continues rehab therapy in Columbus.

He loves working out and is hoping to get back into wrestling in the near future.