Your Town Friday: A woman feeding her neighbors in Sheridan

Sheridan, Ind. - For this week's Your Town Friday, we're heading to a town only 2.1 square miles. Sheridan in Hamilton County is home to about 3,000 people.

The origins of Sheridan are a little foggy. A disastrous fire destroyed town hall and all the documents inside and many other buildings in 1913, but most people agree the town formed around 1860.

State Roads 47 and 38 intersect in Sheridan and it's 30 miles north of downtown Indianapolis.

We went to Sheridan on a cold Monday morning to meet a woman we'd heard about named Nancy Chance.

"Oh, she’s a Godsend!" said Brooke McDuffey. "She’s an angel in disguise."

McDuffey and several others are standing in the parking lot of Sheridan High School in the biting wind and 20 degree temperatures as Nancy Chance directs a truck driver on where to park.

"Nancy is the best and she’s awesome," agrees Teresa Eldrigde.

The truck is full of food, and everyone in line will have food to serve their families this week.

"When you’re low on income it  helps out coming to these food trucks for food," said Anita Albaugh. "It helps a lot."

Nancy is like family to many in the community.

"I’ve done this since 1980," said Nancy. "I’m very concerned about Hamilton County and I love my county and I love my people from the least to the greatest."

And as she fights for help for Hamilton County, she always has to fight a stigma.

"The biggest misconception is because it’s a wealthy county, there’s no need, and I’ve had 25 new homeless in Hamilton County since a week ago Friday."

Her giving heart led her to the Good Samaritan Network, a group of nonprofits in the county.

"Almost everybody we serve in Hamilton County is working poor. They have two or three or four jobs, trying to hold a family together, and it’s just very difficult."

Nancy says 41,000 families need some help right now.

"These people are just working against the wind. It’s just very, very hard for them to even exist."

Cindy Weaver and her husband have six grown kids and  were both working, but now they're raising two of their young grandkids as their own and Cindy needs to stay home.

"This helps us right now because we went from $1400 a week in pay to $1500 a month in pay, and raising two children, this helps a lot."

Nancy is humble, but her impact is not modest in the least.

"I just help move the needle to the good," said Nancy. "That’s what I want to do. I just want to see everybody get a fair opportunity to live a normal life."

Nancy says if you want to help, donate to the Good Samaritan Network or any local food banks.

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