Take the coat and protect those plants; Freeze Warning to start the week

If you’re one of the brave ones that planted flowers early, cover them tonight. Many of us under a Freeze Warning until 10 AM.

In fact, our average Last Frost Date is still almost 2 weeks away.

Make sure you have the heavy coat handy in the morning, temperatures will be cold.

A few rain showers will linger around tonight and transition from rain to snow by early tomorrow morning. Roads have been warmer these past few days from our welcomed 70 degree days. However, as we cool down tonight, a few slick spots can’t be ruled out during the morning commute.

We’ll see a few rain and snow showers into the afternoon.

Temperatures don’t improve much tomorrow. Highs will likely stay just under the 40-degree mark.

This cold snap doesn’t last long. Temperatures warm to the mid 60’s by Wednesday.