Cyber crime investigators aren’t surprised by Pennsylvania man targeting hundreds of teen girls

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An investigation now spans more than two dozen states and multiple countries after it was revealed a 46-year-old Pennsylvania man targeted hundreds of teenage girls including in Indiana.

Joseph Polin died last week after a standoff with police. Investigators say he sent sexual letters and packages to the homes of teenage girls which included pictures from their social media accounts.

“It’s very common we find one offender, one that is sexually attracted to children that is going to victimize multiple children in multiple areas,” said Commander Chuck Cohen, an internet crimes against children investigator with Indiana State Police.

Cohen, who couldn’t comment on the specifics of the Pennsylvania case and its ties to Indiana, said broadly cases like this aren’t that unique.

“Oftentimes that information comes from accounts you have stopped using,” he said. “You may have not deleted that account. You may have not deactivated that account but you’ve just abandoned it essentially.”

Cohen said predators also oftentimes use an array of data from personal social media pages to government website in an attempt to lure or entice children.

Investigators in Pennsylvania said police executed a search warrant on a storage facility Polin used and at this point believe none of the victims are in any further danger.