Driver error leads to chain reaction accident in Danville

DANVILLE, Ind. — Police officials are calling the six-vehicle accident that occurred just after 6 a.m. Wednesday in Danville an unfortunate chain reaction that was a result of driver error.

The incident along North State Road 39 and West CR 500 North started when one of the drivers was traveling southbound on SR 39 attempting to turn east on CR 500 North. A trailing vehicle swerved around the turning vehicle and into the path of a northbound driver who had also veered to his left to allow the other vehicle to complete the turn.

What followed was a chain reaction of cars following from both directions, who in their attempt to get around the initial accident, found themselves rear-ending other vehicles who had slowed or stopped to avoid the situation.

Police report that only one person was transported to an area hospital complaining of back pain. All other drivers were treated at the scene and released.