Police say thieves have stolen up to $60K in clothing from area Macy’s stores

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. –  Indianapolis Metropolitan police are asking for the public’s help in tracking down a thief and several accomplices who have allegedly stolen about $60,000 in clothing from area Macy’s stores over the last few months.

“They’re just running in as fast as they can and grabbing as many clothes as they can in those designer aisles and designer areas of Macy’s and then running out,” said IMPD Detective Michael Schollmeier.

Schollmeier says the thefts started back in December and have continued at the Macy’s stores at Castleton Square Mall and Glendale Town Center. Investigators believe the same man, working with different accomplices, has targeted the stores about 15 times.

“The majority of the value of the hits are between $2,000 and $6,000 every time,” Schollmeier said.

Surveillance videos show the primary suspect and an accomplice walking into Macy’s, grabbing stacks of clothing, then quickly walking out of the store to a red Pontiac waiting in the parking lot. The thieves are in the store no more than a couple minutes.

“They’re in and out so fast, there’s been numerous times loss prevention has been in the store, but as soon as they see them come in, by the time they get to that corner of the store, they’ve already grabbed their stuff and left,” Schollmeier said.

One incident didn’t go so smoothly for the thieves. One surveillance video shows the suspects struggling to walk out with several expensive jackets that had been wired to the floor by Macy’s employees.

“They wired all the jackets up and put security devices on them so if they did come in, they couldn’t take that whole rack of jackets,” Schollmeier said. “And sure enough, they came in and tried to take that whole rack of jackets.”

“The wires caught them and they weren’t able to get the jackets,” Schollmeier continued. “But as you can see in the video, they put the jackets down and end up going out with several thousand dollars in Polo shirts.”

On another day, a Macy’s employee recognized the primary suspect when he came into the store and followed him outside.

“They were able to snap some cell phone pictures of the suspects, but they weren’t able to detain them,” Schollmeier said.

The thieves appear to be targeting expensive, designer brand clothing like Polo Ralph Lauren, Nautica and others.

“We assume, obviously, they’re selling the stuff. But we really don’t know at this point where the clothing is going.”

If the suspects are caught, they could face charges including felony theft, and corrupt business influence. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.