Josie Sweigart is inspiring acts of kindness for everyone

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Sometimes the biggest heroes come in the tiniest packages. Baby Josephine Sweigart is one of those special gifts.  She was born early at 28 weeks because of complications. She fought hard and lived longer than some doctors expected before an infection become just too much. Josie’s dad told us about the hope every parent has for a child.

“When you have a child you hope your child will be a good person and do good deeds for other people. We didn’t get to do that with Josie.” Said Mark Sweigart .

They didn’t get to see all the kindness Josie could spread in life, but they are seeing the incredible kindness she and her story are spreading because of her life. Out of Josie’s short life came a movement called Josie’s Impact.

Her parents turned their grieving into a way to spread kindness to others.  They hand out cards with Josie’s picture and her story and with it an act to kindness that will bless someone’s life.  That person then passes the card forward with another act of kindness for someone else. Little did they know it would go international as far away as Alaska, touching people’s lives in ways they never imagined.

“She’s made a bigger impact out of two years, Josie has, than either one of us could have done in a lifetime. You know it’s really amazing to see.” said Patricia Sweigart, Josie’s mom.

The first year they handed out more than 2 thousand cards. This year they will likely exceed 2 thousand cards around the U. S. and abroad,  all acts of kindness in Josie’s name and in honor of her life.

Fox 59 and Community Health Network are pleased to honor Josie Sweigart for how her life is inspiring acts of kindness for everyone who hears her story.  We also honor Patricia and Mark Sweigart for sharing their grief in such a beautiful way that is not only healing for them, but also a blessing to countless others.

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