Vandals shoot more than 35 vehicles with BB guns

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MARION, Ind. – Police are investigating dozens of vandalized vehicles. In the past couple weeks, there have been more than 35 reports of vehicles damaged by gunshots.

Taped up windows and piles of glass show the aftermath.

“Ya, it makes me mad,” said Hayward Evans, a victim.

Someone has been driving around the streets of Marion taking aim at vehicles.  Investigators believe the shooters are using BB guns.

“I would like for people to get in trouble and learn from their mistakes,” said Bridget Brinell, a victim.

Police don’t believe the shooters are targeting any specific spots, just hitting whatever parked vehicles they happen to encounter in the middle of the night.

Hayward Evans lives on East Grant Street.  Apparently one or two damaged cars weren’t enough: vandals hit three of his.

“All that money has to come out of my pocket,” said Evans.

Most of the vandalized vehicles are just feet away from homes.  Police tell FOX59, in at least a few cases, people reported shots did hit their homes.

“I got two kids. We were all inside getting ready for school. I don’t know if it happened in the morning or the night. It could’ve came through the house and hit one of them, said Evans.

There have been similar cases reported within the county and surrounding cities.  Victims want the vandals caught before there’s even more damage and before someone gets hurts.

“I hope they get charged for every one of them,” said Evans.

Police are following up on leads.  If you know anything that could help detectives catch these vandals, call Marion Police at 765-662-9981.

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