Muncie man convicted of 5 counts in explosives case; jurors deadlocked on attempted murder charge

Lionel Mackey

UPDATE — Lionel Mackey was found guilty of attempted murder on Sept. 20, 2018. On Oct. 1, he was sentenced to 101 years in prison.

Original story:

MUNCIE, Ind. – Jurors found a Muncie man guilty on multiple charges after he was accused of sending a homemade bomb to his ex-girlfriend in 2016.

Jurors returned guilty verdicts against Lionel Mackey on counts of possession of an explosive device, attempted aggravated battery, intimidation, criminal recklessness and conspiracy to commit perjury.

However, jurors were deadlocked on the most serious charge Mackey faced: attempted murder. That resulted in a mistrial on that particular charge, and prosecutors planned to retry that part of the case.

Jurors took about four hours to return the verdicts. The judge also took a request from prosecutors to declare Mackey a habitual offender under advisement. The possession of an explosive device charge carries a maximum sentence of up to 30 years.

Mackey was arrested in December 2016 after explosive devices were found outside the woman’s home. That touched off a bomb scarethat prompted an evacuation.

Investigators linked the explosives to Mackey and said he’d put them inside a wooden jewelry box that was wrapped inside a garbage bag. He’d tried to make it look like a present and wrote his ex-girlfriend’s name on it, police said.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Ordnance Disposal Team detonated the explosive, and investigators said they found Mackey’s DNA on bomb fragments.

Mackey’s sentencing is set for May 14. A pretrial hearing on the attempted murder charge is scheduled for May 31.