Coolest, wettest and snowiest April in years rolls on

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Showers will linger through the night but have eased in coverage and intensity.  The low pressure that is generating the rain and clouds sits in northeast Arkansas late Monday.  The slow movement of the low east will keep showers lingering into Tuesday afternoon.  Upper level winds will eventually nudge the low east allowing for the rain to end and skies to brighten starting early Wednesday.

Additional rainfall of a third of an inch up to a half inch is possible.  To date this is the 11th wettest April on record with 5.31" so far the month.


With cloud cover and rain showers Monday, we once again came in as a below normal day. Eight of the past nine have been below normal and the month to date is the coolest April since 1983 (25 years).  The average temperatures are running 6-degrees per day below normal!

With skies to brighten Wednesday, a sustained stretch of 60-degree days are expected.  Afternoon temps may still fail to reach the normal highs that run from 66-degrees on the 24th up to 68-degrees on the 30th.


It is looking more and more likely that the last of the snow is behind us.  April 2018 is the snowiest since 1982 with 2.6".  The latest last measurable snow is May 9, and we are not seeing snow potential here for the remainder of the month.  At this distance the last day of April (Monday) could be windy and much warmer with high temperatures surging into the upper 70s.

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