Parents in Fishers upset over ‘silence’ from high school after alleged assault

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FISHERS, Ind.- Some parents are frustrated with the leadership of the Hamilton Southeastern School District, after what they say has been “silence” following news of an alleged assault last week at Hamilton Southeastern High School.

That alleged assault involved two 15-year-old students, one of which had to go to the hospital, and the other who is now facing a battery charge.

One parent said when he heard about the alleged assault that happened during a boys track and field event, he assumed that as a parent, he would get some kind of notification from the school.

However, almost a week later, he said the school and the district have remained silent.

“I definitely think the school being silent on the subject does kind of raise concern,” said the parent, who asked to remain anonymous fearing retaliation against his own two kids, who he said attend Hamilton Southeastern High School. He said the school district should have done more to inform parents about the alleged assault which happened last Thursday.

“The school has not commented on it whatsoever,” said the dad, “no letters have been sent home, no phone calls have been made, no communication whatsoever about it.”

He said normally, the district is great about keeping parents informed.

“I’d say four out of the five days a week we receive a phone call from the automated school line,” said the dad, “whether it be transportation issues, graduation things coming up, [or] events coming up at the school.”

That makes him question why now the district has said nothing directly to parents.

“The parents have a right to know, the students have a right to know,” said the dad, “and at least some kind of effort to say this is how we’re going to prevent something like this from happening in the future.”

We asked the district why the decision was made not to acknowledge the incident to parents.

In an emailed response, a district spokeswoman said, “To protect the privacy of the individuals involved, we cannot share specific information with the public. As you already know, the matter involved only two students, and no other students were threatened or in danger at any time. Our athletic department and coaches have been in contact with a few students and their parents on a need to know basis.”

Still, this father said the district has an obligation to say something.

“At least said, due to a recent event, we are actively investigating, cooperating with police, something,” said the dad, “I totally understand not giving away any explicit details, especially a minor’s name, [or] things like that.”

Yet despite his concerns, he said it’s not too late for the district to speak up.

“I think if they made a statement today, it’d still be great,” said the dad.

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