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Colts first round draft pick Quenton Nelson introduced

Chris Ballard (left), Quenton Nelson (center) and Frank Reich (right)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Just hours after selecting Quenton Nelson as the sixth overall pick of the NFL Draft, the newest Colt was introduced at team headquarters.

The guard out of Notre Dame took the call from Colts’ General Manager Chris Ballard from his parent’s lake house in northern Indiana on Thursday night and said he was “still on cloud nine” when he met with the media on Friday.

Nelson said he is confident in his ability to immediately contribute to the Colts’ offense under first year head coach Frank Reich.

“I know they have all great guys on the offensive line,” Nelson said, “and I’m excited for us to come together and be on the same page every play and do our jobs to the best of our abilities and give it our all. I think we have a chance to be a very good offensive line.”

Nelson was asked what the biggest challenge for him will be in transitioning from college to the NFL with the Colts.

“I think my biggest challenge is just going to be focusing on myself instead of my opponent, focusing more on what I need to do and not what he’s going to do. Yeah, you need to have some anticipation on what he’s going to do but at the end of the day it’s your technique against their’s and not overthinking.”

Scouting reports noted Nelson’s “nasty” style of play on the field, but the New Jersey native said while his football persona is all business, he’s a different guy off the field.

“In life, I’m really a nice person, and when I get on the football field, it’s time to flip the switch and do my job to the best of my ability to help the team win. That’s what I want to do, I want to win with this organization and when I was with Notre Dame I wanted to win every game then. I was going to do my job and be the best teammate that I could be.”

As for that hard-nosed approach, Nelson said that’s been with him for as long as he’s been playing.

“I would say it was instilled in me from a young age,” Nelson explained. “I got picked on by my older brother a lot, so he helped me out and my dad told me to always finish my blocks through the echo of the whistle, so that’s where it came from.”

Nelson was a unanimous All-American and team captain. He’ll now be tasked with helping to protect Andrew Luck, who texted the first round draft pick on Thursday night.

Nelson told reporters that he also talked with his new QB on Friday, and the two are “excited to work with each other and win some games together.”