Benefits of aerobic activity

For the first time research shows aerobic fitness might help us in a new way as we get older. A new study found the more you exercise the more you can remember those words that are often on the tip of your tongue. Research continues to show we need 30 minutes of aerobic activity a day, but as we get older, running and even walking can be tough for some and that's where the body blade might help. Dan Mckinzie is with American Senior Communities and is answering questions about how it works.

Body Blade

  • Developed by a Physical Therapist with a desire to develop a device that can effectively engage a number of vital postural, core and stabilization muscle groups in one motion
  • They key to BodyBlade is the rapid contraction technology (RCT), which automatically contracts your muscles up to 270 times/minute- therefore contracting the right muscles at the right time, every moment you`re exercising for a fast effective workout.
  • The harder you drive the blade back and forth= more resistance resulting in a strong, reactive and stable body.


  • Increased overall strength, balance & coordination
  • Improved joint stability, flexibility & wellness
  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Stronger, more reactive core
  • Increased muscle endurance
  • Effectively targets all muscle groups in the body which automatically maximizes calorie burn (metabolic benefit)
  • Lean toned body in the fraction of the time of a traditional workout
  • Does NOT require much space and it is SAFE
  • Most importantly, more than 30 dynamic exercises can be performed in a variety of positions (seated or standing) according to the individual member`s level of fitness

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