Indy pop-up store offers racing-themed clothing for May

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A racing-themed custom clothing store called PRSVR has opened in downtown Indy just in time for the race.

The pop-up store sells one-of-a-kind clothing that you may have seen on hit shows like Empire. Other stars like Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill and Teyana Taylor have also worn the designs.

"You saw our clothes on the stars, especially our leather track pants, but it's just part of our leather line. PRSVR or 'persevere' is creating the new uniform for those who follow their passions, write their own rules, and fearlessly persevere," said co-owner Margaret Williamson.

With capabilities to outfit the whole family, PRSVR designs from an elevated space centered on the use of luxury materials, one-of-a-kind patterns, an attention to detail and the combination of function and comfort.  PRSVR has become a staple brand for today's athletes, entertainers and entrepreneurs.  The clothing pop-up is right below the Artistry Apartments in downtown Indy.  Here's one aspect that can save big bucks.

"We can take those measurements, it doesn't cost anything extra to have custom made garments because we're making all these one off anyway, it only takes a little bit of time,” said Williamson.

One idea for this pop-up is for clients to own a  few great pieces.  They can go a long way to stretch your dollar and give you a unique look.

"Like this vest that I have on, for example, I've worn it so many different ways, over dresses, over turtlenecks with sweat pants.  There are actually matching pants to this set, with high heels, flats, sneakers but every time I wear it, it's usually the first thing that someone comments on," said Williamson.

The items are not inexpensive, but for designer clothing, it's not bad.  Store owners say they're definitely not talking about thousands of dollars.  Everything in their store ranges from about $150 to $800 at the very high end.  That would be your full-length leather with the fur and everything like that.  For most one-of-a-kind clothing, you'll pay well over $1,000.

PRSVR is what they call "an elevated lifestyle brand."  They make outerwear, footwear and travel wear.  Their Facebook page has a variety of examples of their clothing.

"We have men’s, women’s and children's clothes.  We also have books and we plan to do a lot of events and experiences around Indianapolis, and a family business workshop coming up mid May.  We even have karaoke events planned," said Williamson.

Williamson says the store is for people who are pursuing their passions, whether in the entrepreneurial space or in the corporate world.  And it's for those people who need pieces that can "take them from the boardroom to the dining room, to the kids' practice and even maybe the club later on."