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RECIPE: Tequila Mint Julep

Recipe courtesy of Jason Foust


2 oz Patron Anejo Tequila (or Angels Envy Port Finished Bourbon)

.75 oz Simple Syrup (equal parts sugar to water)

.75 oz Fresh Lime Juice

6-8 Mint Leaves

Crushed Ice


Add mint leaves and simple syrup to the bottom of a julep cup or highball glass. Press mint with muddler or something flat (do not grind mint). Add tequila and lime juice

In a Lewis bag (canvas bag) or in a towel, crush ice with mallet, large spoon or rolling pin.

Add crushed ice to cup to the top and stir to mix ingredients. Add more ice to create a dome over the top of the glass.

Garnish with a large sprig of mint and add a straw.