IN Focus: Baird reacts to controversial campaign mailer

INDIANAPOLIS - The GOP primary in Indiana's fourth congressional district took a controversial turn this week, after the release of a campaign mailer attacking one of the candidates in a manner he and other supporters found highly insulting.

The mailer goes after Baird's vote to raise the state's gas tax, and includes verbiage suggesting he's responsible for gasoline costing "an arm and a leg."

Baird actually did lose one of his arms while serving in Vietnam, and found the campaign mailer "highly disturbing."

In a statement released Friday, the candidate blasted his opponents and the political action committee that issued the mailer.

“This kind of negativism is a prime example of why good people do not run for political office.  Unfortunately, our country and our children suffer the consequences of not having the expertise of talented citizens.  Disrespecting our wounded combat veterans crosses a line that Hoosiers will not tolerate.  My fellow veterans put it all on the line to preserve and defend our way of life and their sacrifice should not be used as political fodder.  I strongly condemn this attack,” said Baird. “The people in the 4th district have had enough of this secret out-of-state money attacking our values, our veterans, and trying to elect candidates, like Steve Braun and Diego Morales, who do not even live in the district.  We need a congressman who lives here and will listen to Hoosiers while in Washington, not secret out-of-state mega donors.”

Braun's campaign insists he had nothing to do with the mailing, even though another recent mailer attacking Morales came from the very same PAC.

“I strongly condemn the mailing and I'm frankly disgusted by it," said Braun. "These Super PACs have no respect for any of us running."

In the video above, our IN Focus panelists discuss the controversial mailer, and preview the GOP primaries in the 4th and 6th congressional districts, seats that are being vacated by Senate candidates Todd Rokita and Luke Messer.