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Woman says she forgives driver who hit her and took off while she was walking to work

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Just one day after a driver hit 27-year-old Jessica Parks, she is up and talking, showing so much strength and determination to get back to her students. A driver hit her while she was walking to work at Fervent Prayer Church Monday morning.

"I looked and I didn't see a car. And all I remember was flying up and landing on the sidewalk," Jessica said.

Jessica says the things that stand out the most are the people who ran to her side.

"She was a nurse. She was on her way to work and she saw it happen and she stopped. And the paramedic was getting off of work. She saw it and she stopped. I thought it was nothing, but God how he just had angels in place at the right time at the right moment," Jessica said.

While Jessica was on the ground, witnesses went after the driver who took off from the scene blocking her car in until police got there.

ICE confirms the suspected driver, 36-year-old Juana Loa-Nunez, is from Mexico and is suspected of being in the country illegally.

"I do want her to know that I do forgive her and that sometimes fear if you do something when you're scared it can cause you to act a certain way so I don't know if she wasn't thinking or what the case may have been but I do forgive her," Jessica said.

Jessica suffered a broken leg and will need a blood transfusion. Doctors say she's looking at about six months of recovery. She wants this to be a lesson to drivers.

"A life is gone or a life has to deal with months of complications in the long run so I just want people to be more aware as they drive," Jessica said.

Despite her challenges ahead, Jessica says she's not her current circumstance.

"I'm more grateful to be here than anything because in most cases a lot of people they don't survive trauma the way I survived my trauma yesterday. To come out of it and still be alive today is nothing far more than a blessing and I don't take it lightly at all."

Jessica’s family has set up a GoFundMe to help with medical bills and rehab she'll need once she's released from the hospital.

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