IMPD officer accused of wrongdoing in Aaron Bailey shooting tells his side of story

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - For the first time, one of two IMPD officers accused of killing an unarmed man speaks out publicly about the shooting.

Testimony continued Wednesday in a Merit Board hearing of two IMPD officers fighting to save their jobs following the death of Aaron Bailey last year.

For nearly two hours, the police chief explained in detail why he recommended the two officers who pulled the trigger should be fired.

Following a high speed chase and crash last June, the officers shot and killed 45-year-old Aaron Bailey.

Officer Carlton Howard described Bailey ignoring his commands and says he and officer Michal Dinnsen opened fire because they thought Bailey was reaching for a gun. Bailey, it turned out, did not have a weapon in his car.

Chief Roach testified even if a gun had been found, he still would have recommended the officers be fired, citing that they failed to follow their training.

Officer Howard says he was convinced Bailey had a gun and feared for his life before the shooting.

“I thought I was going to die. I thought I had waited too long. I was convinced I was going to be shot that night,” said officer Carlton Howard.

“There was no probable cause they had to use deadly force to get an arrest,” said IMPD Chief Bryan Roach.

Bailey’s family has filed a civil lawsuit against the city.  Attorneys for the officers pointed out the chief’s opinion at the Merit Board does seem to conflict with the city’s legal position in the lawsuit.

Testimony and arguments before the board is set to continue Thursday.

Officer Dinnsen is expected to take the stand as well.

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