Microblading safety

This week we showed you a microblading horror story. A woman in Detroit started having redness, pain and swelling and this photo got a lot of attention. Her eyebrows are getting better - but dermatologists say the situation could be very serious. Ali Erdel is a microblading artist at Indy Microblading. She's answering questions about what research you need to do to stay safe.

Research before making appointment:

  • Style of brow and quality of work.
  • Check reviews, happy clients?
  • Do they have examples of healed work?

Once you've booked with an artist you should receive:

  • Pre-care and post-care information.
  • Medical history paperwork to check for any contraindications.

What to look for:

  • Certificate of inspection by the health department - blood born pathogens certificate - certification of training in microblading by a credible source (check reviews on that source).


  • Color selection (considering your undertones) -brow mapping to use the aesthetics of your face to give the perfect brow for you -mirror so you can approve and watch.

Standards for safety:

  • Separated areas for seating and procedure.
  • Table covering.
  • Sterile tray with only items to be used during procedure.
  • Phone, pigment or numbing tubes, glasses, pens, should never be placed on tray.
  • Artist washes hands and dries with disposable towel before starting the procedure.
  • Client brow wiped down with alcohol.
  • Artist wears gloves and mask at all times during procedure.
  • Once gloved, artist only touches items on tray and clients sterilized skin.
  • Nothing else (if artist forgot something must de-glove, wash, retrieve item and re-glove with fresh gloves).
  • Artist should show client sterile blade in sealed wrapping before opening and starting procedure.

After procedure:

  • Artist properly disposes of blades in sharps container.
  • Everything else should go in red biomedical hazard waste container.
  • Anything being reused (tweezers, brow scissors) should be soaked in a hospital-grade cleaner and then go through a heat autoclave to disinfect and sterilize.

If you would like more information on microblading and Ali here is a link to their website.